Welcome to my blog! This is the home of ‘Evan and the Bottom Rockets’, a funny story for seven to twelve-year-olds and the children in all of us!

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‘This is absolutely genius – I haven’t laughed so much for ages. It’s an absolute gem and will be irresistible to kids – farting, burping and all manner of wonderful bodily functions entwined with sharp writing and real wit. I loved it! So clever – and so genuinely funny… I can’t fault it.’

Karen Holmes Editor 2QT- She is an award winning adaptation editor for young readers (currently edits for the likes of Penguin Publishing) and an author in her own right; a published novelist and short-story writer award winner.

“…Very funny – my older two were giggling for hours…wonderfully hilarious…Chris was a teacher so he’s heard it all and seen it all…my nine-year-old son thought it was the funniest thing he’s ever read in his life…it’s lots of fun…it will give them lots of outrageous words for them to say for many weeks…my reluctant reader just laughed it was bang on for him and that fills me with joy as a parent…it’s got some fabulous names and some wonderful words to get your mouth around, some lovely language in it which is so powerful…definitely try it…there could be more to come from the Bottom Rocket family…”

Claire at http://www.mrsaverageevaluates.co.uk

“I think children, especially boys, will love the irreverent toilet humour here. You truly have a gift for ridiculous, gross-out comedy. There are some wonderful, horribly evocative, similes used in both books that I think will have children in stitches (and their parents frowning somewhat disapprovingly, but surely that’s part of the appeal!) I love how many scenes escalate to absolutely ridiculous levels. You’ve also got some really snappy dialogue that flows quickly and naturally between the characters. The conversation with Doctor Bottom is particularly great for this, and I love Mr Hart-Boodle’s increasing and insistent irritation at the doctor constantly getting his name wrong. On that note, you’ve done a good job characterising all of Evan’s family…I imagine that plenty of children will be able to draw unflattering parallels between their own fathers and Mr Hart-Boodle!”

Ellie Owen at Rowanvale Books