Waterstones Now Stocking ‘Evan and the Bottom Rockets’ in Plymouth and Truro

‘Evan and the Bottom Rockets’ is now on the shelves at Waterstones.

Both Plymouth stores and Truro in Cornwall are stocking the book on the shelves.

It’s a weird feeling as an amateur author to see my book on the shelves of a big book store next to famous children’s authors. If my book doesn’t sell one more copy it’s an achievement to get this far.

Perhaps one day it will sink in!


You Can Get My Book Before Christmas

Amazon is finally beginning to sort my page out. It now states very clearly that buyers can get the book before Christmas (whereas before it was showing as taking up to two months to arrive).

The ‘look inside’ feature is now working (although it does seem to give half the book away).

Perhaps just as importantly some kind soul has given me a great five star review. Thank-you whoever you are!

All that’s left are the keywords and categories. It’s a bit embarrassing to be number 44 in ‘toilet training’.

Third Book Signing Announced

Announcing a third book signing since the publication of ‘Evan and the Bottom Rockets’. I will be signing from 11am until 3:30pm at the Ivybridge Donkey Sanctuary Christmas Fayre on December 15th 2018. This is a great opportunity to let folks know about the book, being as it is, a very well attended local event. Come and see me if you are in the area!

Amazon Problems

Thank-you to everyone who has bought ‘Evan and the Bottom Rockets’ so far. Many of you have let me know- which is a boost as marketing is not my strong suit.

At the moment the book is hamstrung because of five things on the Amazon page.

The first is that there is no ‘look inside’ capability. This is because Amazon is taking a long time over it and I have heard nothing since performing all the steps required to set it up.

The second is the dispatch time which is currently showing as up to two months! The real dispatch time is up to five days. This means it is still possible to get the book before Christmas although you wouldn’t know that. As a first-time children’s book you would expect that not many are flying off the shelves. The algorithm picks up on numbers of sales and, strangely, the more sales the shorter the dispatch time shown on the page. This hurts books like mine because it likely will get worse. If sales don’t suddenly surge Amazon will say that the book is no longer available – when it actually is! They don’t make it easy for first-time authors like me.

The third is the keywords that Amazon’s search algorithm uses to inform its search pages. These haven’t yet been sorted out by the publisher despite my instructions some time ago.

Similarly, the fourth is the categories shown mid-way down the page. These categories also are to do with searches. At the moment the publishing company (Rowanvale) still haven’t rectified their embarrassing errors here. The book has toilet humour in it but is not about growing up and toilet training! Will they change this before Christmas?

Fifth is that there are no reviews. No ‘look inside’ and no reviews equals no sales. It’s as simple as that. So if you think you are eligible to leave a review (having bought the book on Amazon) please, please, please leave me a review! It’s very easy.

My first book-signing!

Saturday December 1st I will be in Woolwell, Plymouth (UK), to sign books in the Woolwell centre. It will be my first book signing and I will have a stall with bunting and a free gift for everyone who buys the book!

publication date_02

‘Evan and the Bottom Rockets’ is ready to go!

publication date_01

Publication date is here – FINALLY! It’s been a long road from when the book was first conceived to get to this point with plenty of ups and downs but now it’s done it’s quite a milestone. I know, however, that this is just the end of the beginning. Actually trying to sell the book is perhaps the hardest part. Whilst I’m perfectly aware that sales will be very small I’m also doing what I can to give it a go locally and spread the word.

Here I am pictured with the book and I think it looks great. It’s just a shame I haven’t had a hair-cut recently!

publication date_03

How does it feel to have a book published? I feel a sense of achievement – and a sense of relief. Does it make me feel like a famous author? No of course not! I’ve had a parent come up to me outside my son’s school and ask about the book and I must admit I felt rather awkward, not at all like a star!

I feel a weight on my shoulders to try and market the book – it’s not in my character to be self-confident and pushy. I feel exhausted! But here it is and I can say that I’ve finished what I started.

It was wonderful to read from the actual paperback book to my son and he seemed delighted to see the final product. Will other children like it? A number have so far but will the wider world be the same? And will the wider world ever even know the book exists? We shall see. Perhaps the book’s best days will be in ten years time!