About Me

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Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Chris Mercer and I’m a children’s author. I’ve written two books: ‘Evan And The Bottom Rockets’ and ‘Evan And The Bottom Rockets On Holiday’, and I’m currently in the process of writing a book for teenagers.

The ‘Evan’ series is for young children from about 7 to 12 and for adults with a childish sense of humour (like me)!

Elsewhere on the site you can read a synopsis of both books. They are intended for one purpose only: to make kids and their parents laugh out loud!

I live in Devon with my wife and our two young children. I try to write here and there when time permits in between my duties and responsibilities with the kids. Editing and re-writing is still ongoing with my first two books (just when I think I am done I notice something else that needs changing) and I continue to write my latest book for older children – a longer term project.

I grew up in Norfolk and completed my A-levels there before studying and settling down in beautiful Cambridgeshire. My degree was in English Literature and Language. I qualified as a teacher of English and Drama from Homerton College, Cambridge, but quickly moved into photography.

Photography took me on an adventure through wildlife photography; portrait photography; sports photography; business and agency work with celebrities and politicians, and finally newspaper photography, the last of which necessitated a move across the country to Devon.

Although I completed a TEFL qualification it fell to me to do more with the children and so I became a writer: something I should have considered in the first place before I embarked on other things. Writing is hard work but it suits me and it’s a wonderful thing to make children laugh. My goal is to sell books, of course, but real success is a dream that only a select few will ever achieve. I approach it with a healthy dose of realism, but, of course, you never know!

I have a firm Christian faith and church activities take up a lot of our time. I also have a strong interest in music and enjoy creating my own songs, playing drums, bass, keyboards and guitars. I love driving karts and I follow F1 but my favourite sport is cricket. I always make time to sit back and enjoy the full day’s play of the first test-match of the summer – I’d watch every ball bowled over the summer if I could!

Thank-you for checking this site out and I hope that my work makes you and your children smile!