Announcing ‘Evan And The Bottom Rockets On Holiday’

Announcing ‘Evan And The Bottom Rockets On Holiday’! The book is the second in the series featuring clever Evan the kid with sprout-induced fart problems and takes place somewhere in the middle of book one before Evan’s sprout eating is exposed. The setting is Evan’s summer holidays and, of course, the jokes are mainly on his father Willy Hart-Boodle. Evan’s bottom blows and when it does chaos usually ensues.

The Hart-Boodles take a trip to Spain where things don’t exactly go to plan. The flight over is marred by the first of Evan’s rocket farps and we first encounter ‘the big lady’. The apartment isn’t exactly as advertised and Willy Hart-Boodle has problems in a water park and at the beach. Rosie develops a disgusting habit of her own and Willy has more problems in the airport before they fly home.

The Hart-Boodles test-drive a car and encounter an unfortunate policeman before travelling to a wedding. Evan delivers more chaos and Willy makes a mess of his best-man duties.

Calamities occur when the Hart-Boodles visit a rare-breeds farm and later when they make a trip to the super-market.

So far the response has been good to this second instalment and it’s been great to hear the sound of a child’s laughter when jokes work!

The date of publishing will be some time in the future yet but will almost certainly be handled by a self-publishing company. If anybody has any advice about this I would be very interested to hear from you. Otherwise, stay tuned as the process towards publication continues. I will no doubt let you know all about it!