Site Changes

Today I changed my site by removing a number of posts and pages. I did this because I felt that I was sharing too much of myself and it was making me feel uncomfortable.

The focus of this site was always to promote my fiction and now I will concentrate on that and my book reviews.

I took down my mental health section because I felt that, on reflection, it was unlikely to help others, and, instead, just gave sensitive and personal information about myself away. I also removed information about my faith as this, too, instead of promoting it, just invited prejudice and confrontation.

I’m aware that people have liked pages that are now taken down and I’m sorry if they are disappointed. However, I hope that you can now appreciate my reasons for doing so.

I find that most blogs that I visit exist simply to make their creators money and most of the posts are just engineered to attract views in order to turn this attention into business. I dislike this hint of disingenuousness and so I have now moved away from this kind of strategy. I now state quite straightforwardly my intention. This blog is about my writing and about children’s books – so I will stick to that.