Waterstones Now Stocking ‘Evan and the Bottom Rockets’ in Plymouth and Truro

‘Evan and the Bottom Rockets’ is now on the shelves at Waterstones.

Both Plymouth stores and Truro in Cornwall are stocking the book on the shelves.

It’s a weird feeling as an amateur author to see my book on the shelves of a big book store next to famous children’s authors. If my book doesn’t sell one more copy it’s an achievement to get this far.

Perhaps one day it will sink in!


‘Evan and the Bottom Rockets’ is ready to go!

publication date_01

Publication date is here – FINALLY! It’s been a long road from when the book was first conceived to get to this point with plenty of ups and downs but now it’s done it’s quite a milestone. I know, however, that this is just the end of the beginning. Actually trying to sell the book is perhaps the hardest part. Whilst I’m perfectly aware that sales will be very small I’m also doing what I can to give it a go locally and spread the word.

Here I am pictured with the book and I think it looks great. It’s just a shame I haven’t had a hair-cut recently!

publication date_03

How does it feel to have a book published? I feel a sense of achievement – and a sense of relief. Does it make me feel like a famous author? No of course not! I’ve had a parent come up to me outside my son’s school and ask about the book and I must admit I felt rather awkward, not at all like a star!

I feel a weight on my shoulders to try and market the book – it’s not in my character to be self-confident and pushy. I feel exhausted! But here it is and I can say that I’ve finished what I started.

It was wonderful to read from the actual paperback book to my son and he seemed delighted to see the final product. Will other children like it? A number have so far but will the wider world be the same? And will the wider world ever even know the book exists? We shall see. Perhaps the book’s best days will be in ten years time!